core competences

tv & video production

h2n has its own fully equipped television studio supported by in-house production and editing teams engaged in the preparation of weekly prime time television programs that air on national channels. h2n also produces project, institutional and promotional videos for a variety of purposes and trains community video groups for social and behavior change communication, built on formative research and often as part of larger projects.

educational videos

h2n specializes in conceptualizing and producing educational videos that present information in a clear, simple and logical sequence, often with the use of infographics and by combining visual and verbal cues for maximum pedagogical effect. some videos are prepared as video podcasts, such as the “180 seconds to learn” series, that deconstructs and presents complex issues to target audiences in an accessible format.

community radio

h2n works with an extended network of community radio stations across the country, reaching large numbers of primarily rural citizens with few alternative information sources. h2n supports reporter networks in health & nutrition and gender equality respectively and pursues a model station capacity building program that develops a range of journalistic, technical and organizational skills customized to the needs of each station.

remote learning

security challenges, long distances and poor communications make remote learning a cost-effective complement to community-based communication. h2n combines educational videos, online tools and social media to train and follow up program beneficiaries residing outside the main urban centers. through its own distance learning portal, h2n is able to accompany learning process in a regular and consistent manner.

digital development

h2n develops web sites, mobile applications and other digital tools to create online engagement strategies in support of projects it leads or participates in. the h2n digital development team does its own design work but consults with clients and audiences to optimize user experience and making digital an integrated part of other projects. this includes promoting content sharing, knowledge exchange, workflow and networking.

content creation

in support of social and behavior change strategies, h2n utilizes advocacy and communication to promote healthy and pro-social behaviors, often through a media mix that includes radio, television, video, social media and interpersonal communication. h2n field staff work with media outlets and local communities to develop contextualized, localized and relevant content that help promote change and overcome barriers to change.


h2n’s dissemination strategies rely heavily on proprietary mechanisms and networks, as well as its own television and radio programs, such as Saude e Vida. h2n created the Xipalapala online platform for distribution of public service announcements and works with networks of community radio reporters who produce local programming. h2n operates through established media contacts to ensure cost effective dissemination of content.