association h2n (h2n) is a mozambican non-governmental organization that offers innovative programs to expand community-based communication; works to disseminate effective messages for the promotion of public health; endeavors to promote gender equality; encourages youth engagement; facilitates civic participation; and supports early childhood development. h2n also works to improve health reporting in the media, promote inclusive media and aid the adoption and use of audiovisual tools and digital communication technologies.

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Despite the twin challenges of a virulent pandemic and a violent insurgency, h2n’s Youth Hub program continues to expand into new districts in Cabo Delgado. The program, which provides coaching and mentorship in communication, radio journalism, television production, life skills and civic participation for young people, is based on close collaboration with local community radio stations in the province. The

Earlier this week, h2n opened a Youth Hub at Radio Sem Fronteiras (RSF) in Pemba, continuing the expansion of its youth engagement network in Cabo Delgado province. The six members of the Youth Hub, three girls and three boys, will learn radio and television journalism, life skills and civic participation through the hub. “With the support of h2n, we aim

With funding from OSISA, h2n started implementing its Youth Hubs program in Cabo Delgado in January this year. The Youth Hubs engage young people aged 14-20 by training and involving them in radio production and facilitating the development of life skills, motivating positive action and instilling a sense of hope and ambition. Building on the existing social infrastructure of its

  Today (Thursday), the MSP legacy organizations h2n, Midia Lab and TV Surdo hosted a group of 20 participants in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) from Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique. The group follows the “entrepreneurship track” of YALI and is part of a larger group of YALI participants from Lusophone Africa taking part in a three-week program in Mozambique.