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USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator visits Radio Sem Fronteiras

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USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator visits Radio Sem Fronteiras

USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Africa bureau (DAA), Ms. Maria Price Detherage, visited, on Wednesday (7), Radio Sem Fronteiras in Pemba, as part of the CORAGEM project, funded by USAID Mozambique. The visit was highlighted by the ribbon cutting ceremony iof the Mobile Radio Lab and interaction with members of the Youth Accelerator from that radio station.


During the interaction with the Youth Accelerator members, Maria Price Detherage, learned about their activities and how these have helped in improving their personal and social skills. Detherage was impressed with the questions raised up to her by the Youth Accelerator members and gave as recommendation that they should continue to believe in their dreams and always be open to new opportunities, teachings, and experiences, because this can open great doors in the future. In addition, he challenged the young people to continue to inspire the people around them.


In addition to the guided tour in which USAID DAA of the Africa bureau visited the facilities and touched base with radio station staff, she gave an interview in the Mobile studio and reinforced US Government’s commitment to engage youth for the development of Mozambique, especially Cabo Delgado province.

“The US Government is committed to building a more democratic and more stable Mozambique for all, especially for youth, women, and People with Disabilities. We want to see young people more confident and motivated to address the challenges of their community,” said Maria Price Detherage.


This is the first time that the CORAGEM project, implemented by h2n, receives a visit from the highest level of the US Government. Accompanying the visit were USAID’s Mission Director in Mozambique, Helen Pataki, and h2n’s Executive Director, Sérgio Chusane.


The CORAGEM (Community Radio Assistance For Empowerment Mozambicans) project assists 50 Community Radios from Zambezia, Nampula, Niassa, and Cabo Delgado Provinces on topics related to improving journalists’ skills and ethics, sustainability, and community engagement.


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