association h2n (h2n) is a mozambican non-governmental organization that offers innovative programs to expand community-based communication; works to disseminate effective messages for the promotion of public health; endeavors to promote gender equality; encourages youth engagement; facilitates civic participation; and supports early childhood development. h2n also works to improve health reporting in the media, promote inclusive media and aid the adoption and use of audiovisual tools and digital communication technologies.

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YALI participants from lusophone africa discuss social entrepreneurship

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YALI participants from lusophone africa discuss social entrepreneurship


Today (Thursday), the MSP legacy organizations h2n, Midia Lab and TV Surdo hosted a group of 20 participants in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) from Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique. The group follows the “entrepreneurship track” of YALI and is part of a larger group of YALI participants from Lusophone Africa taking part in a three-week program in Mozambique. During interactive sessions with h2n and Midia Lab staff, the group engaged enthusiastically on issues of social entrepreneurship, sustainability and self-reliance. The YALI group expressed great interest in the experience of the Mozambican organizations in emancipating themselves from dependence on international NGOs and the strong opposition they encountered in the emancipation process, as such organizations saw their business model threatened. “We would definitely also like to take greater control of our future,” said one participant from Angola, adding that he was inspired by how the MSP organizations had managed to both carve out their own space and work closely together. Other aspects of social entrepreneurship and the inclusion of people with disability in entrepreneurial endeavours were also addressed during the visit, which included a tour of the facilities and an additional session with TV Surdo. h2n is a Mozambican NGO focused on community-based communication, community radio and video, demand generation, social mobilization, strategic advocacy and online engagement for social and behavior change; Midia Lab provides journalism training and media development; and TV Surdo works on inclusive media and advocacy for disability rights.

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