association h2n (h2n) is a mozambican non-governmental organization that offers innovative programs to expand community-based communication; works to disseminate effective messages for the promotion of public health; endeavors to promote gender equality; encourages youth engagement; facilitates civic participation; and supports early childhood development. h2n also works to improve health reporting in the media, promote inclusive media and aid the adoption and use of audiovisual tools and digital communication technologies.

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h2n’s online platform for community radio wins first prize at moztech

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h2n’s online platform for community radio wins first prize at moztech

At the sixth annual Mozambican technology fair, Moztech, which took place at the Katembe 3D Arena over the last few days under the theme “Digital Transformation – Challenges for a New Era”, the Xipalapala online platform for community radio messaging won first prize in the business startup challenge, a competition of new technology business ideas and initiatives. Xipalapala is a digital platform developed by h2n to disintermediate and facilitate the contact between community radios, which are typically looking for advertisers, and potential advertisers or announcers, which can range from commercial players to non-governmental organizations wanting to disseminate public service announcements and messages through the country’s network of community radio stations. Through an easy-to-use interface, Xipalapala solves the problem of provincial community radios reaching far away clients and of advertisers wanting to connect to a disparate network of community radio stations located in multiple districts. Through several knock-out rounds consisting of presentations and pitches, thirty business ideas that were allowed in the business challenge competition were narrowed down to five finalists, of which Xipalapala ended up as the winner this evening. “We are very excited to win this competition,” said Agostinho Uanicela, one of the h2n developers working on the Xipalapala platform. “It shows that technological innovation can play a crucial role in development and information sharing for social purposes,” said Uanicela, who is heading a team of three in-house developers. h2n is a Mozambican NGO focused on community-based communication, community radio and video, demand generation, social mobilization, strategic advocacy and online engagement for social and behavior change.


See the following video for an introduction to Xipalapala:

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